Cute Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day from Home

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! With all the precautions still being taken due to Covid 19, many of us might be considering celebrating from home. I decided to write out some ideas that are fun, romantic, and just something to do to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. 

At Home Spa

Do you remember the times you told yourself you just want to pop on a facemask, paint your toe nails or ask your partner for a nice massage? Valentine's day might be the day! What better day to have an at home relaxing spa day than a romantic lazy Sunday? Put on some soothing music, give each other massages, and use that facemask you've been dying to use! You both deserve a stress free calming day to take care of yourselves!

At Home Painting/ Virtual Paint Class

Not everyone is a professional painter, but this idea is just so fun as you get to create art with different colors, shapes and lets you hangout with your partner whether you decide to do the same painting or a different painting. The best place to find paintings you might want to mimic would be Pinterest, which is a free site!  Many paint studios are also offering virtual online classes for those who don't mind spending a little more money that day!

3 important steps:

  1. Buy materials/ supplies you need: acrylic paint is the cheapest and usually the best paint material to use , canvas, and some brushes (Michael's would be my recommendation + check their website for coupons before purchase). Gloves might be less messy but may be annoying when painting, use your judgement on that matter
  2. Choose a less cluttered area: Try to find an area in the house where you don't want to ruin anything with paint. Acrylics are easy to wash off but I suggest putting down newspaper/ a blanket or even making a cute picnic setting in the house and placing the canvases within the blanketed area
  3. Drink up: If you're not into alcohol, whip yourself up some nice hot chocolate, tea/coffee- whatever you desire- and maybe a nice little charcuterie board so you can snack and drink while you're painting away your feelings

Learn a New Dance 

This might sound cheesy, but if your partner is not into "dancing", this might be the best time to push them to try a new dance with you! You're home, nobody will be bothering you, no one will be seeing you and you'll both be learning a new and exciting dance together! We've all had times where we wish we can try out the bachata or even a slow dance! Best part is you don't have to pay anyone: take advantage of Youtube, there are SO many people dying to teach you what they know all in exchange for a view, and that doesn't cost you anything! (If you don't fall for the ads)

Create Future Plans 

It's a cute day, so why not do something as cute as create a future plans checklist? It can involve travel, restaurants to try, fitness goals to meet, or even financial goals! You have the time and you're already in a love bubble for the day, so write down goals to achieve with the partner you love and plan on having a future with!

DIY Project (Kid Friendly)

You don't have to be a parent to create a DIY project , but if you do have children, your kids will love this idea as you're spending family quality time and including them in a fun family activity about Valentine's Day. Pinterest has so many DIY Valentine's Day project ideas! They're fun, interactive and budget friendly! 


Hope you found this blog post helpful! 

Comment below if you tried any of these ideas or even have better ideas!