What Will Happen in the Winter?

Knowing the farms and markets are closing up around end of October/beginning of November, you're probably wondering what will happen with Organic Meal Maker and how will we be getting produce. We decided to let you know the best way we know how to: with a blog post. 

Although our concept is to help our New Jersey community by purchasing from small organic businesses and farmers, we unfortunately cannot do so all year round because the freshest items have their own seasons we rely on in New Jersey due to climate- example tomatoes and corn in the summer time. We will however be receiving shipments from wholesalers and going out to local little markets that might have little things here and there that we can help them out with and can include in our recipes to add tremendous flavor to our dishes. 

Our intension is to make sure we can operate all season round, but will always choose to support and purchase from our locals first however, certain produce grow in different regions at different times due to climate, and knowing it is grown organically is an extra step to assure us that we are getting the freshest ingredients all year round even if we have to stray a bit for about 4 months. As soon as spring comes back, we will have our farms open again and we can proceed to get back to our normal schedule of visiting the farms weekly, creating blog posts, supporting their businesses and being interactive with the community. 

What you need to know: we will always make our meals from organic ingredients only. Even though there are not many farms and farmers in New Jersey that are organic, we still want to help the Jersey Fresh Community by visiting their farms, writing blogs about them and supporting them through our platform, however if we found  produce that is not organic and we wanted to use it in our recipes, we will label the produce as *non organic* so as a consumer you are aware of the non organic produce that we are using to cook with. However, organic comes first and everything we use in our kitchen is organic unless otherwise stated.