Why Organic Meal Maker?

What better way to start the blog posts then to explain why Organic Meal Maker ? And why you should consider choosing us over the competition? Just keep reading and you’ll soon find out.

We are a small private owned business located in South Jersey. Before Organic Meal Maker, our owner meal prepped weekly, coming up with different creative dishes with the produce she purchased from visiting farms and farmer markets weekly, along with super markets and wholesalers. But one thing didn’t change: food was and is always organic.

Why organic? This will be it’s own separate blog post but as a brief introduction: organic is the healthy way of living and to know something is grown organically is to know that the produce had to be inspected yearly by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) in order to be assured that the crops do not have GMOs (Genetically modified organisms), no antibiotics, no artificial colors, no pesticides and plenty other factors to reassure us that nothing that goes in our stomach can be toxic or cause harm to our bodies.

Three major factors came into play when creating Organic Meal Maker: Foodie, Passion for cooking & Healthy recipes. A foodie is someone who loves experimenting different foods, doesn’t just think food is necessary for survival, but gets emotional when thinking about food, knows the importance of it in order to enjoy life, sees the different variations and how it brings the world together by incorporating different produce, spices and methods of cooking to create something enjoyable and time worthy. A foodie lives to eat, does not eat to live. Mix a foodie with someone who is passionate about cooking and wants to make delicious nutritious meals in a creative twist gives you Organic Meal Maker.

Our recipes will be different weekly! We will be out getting the freshest produce and coming up with a different menu every week. We will have a variety of foods that cater everyone from someone that eats everything, to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and people with allergies! (Please not that it is crucial to let us know your allergies when ordering) . Our menu will be posted on Mondays and as a customer, you have until Friday night to choose what you would like to be delivered for the upcoming week. Every little thing we put in the dish will be noted in the menu. We want to make fresh and healthy dishes with simple ingredients. And for those recipes that we love but cannot deliver, we will be posting different recipes weekly in our “Easy Recipes” tabs. We will also have weekly blog posts (like this one) and most importantly blog posts about the different farms we will be visiting, the produce we purchase from there and pictures of these beautiful farms. We want you to see our process from beginning to end and feel as if you were with us from picking the produce to making the meals.

In conclusion, we are not your typical meal prep company: we are more personable, we are here to help our community, we are using our thinking caps and coming up with weekly creative dishes to allow you to enjoy a flavorful meal that is very healthy and good for you! We hope this summarized our company for you and would love to see you be apart of something spectacular and delicious!