Breakfast Wrap Hack

For those of you who have TikTok (and for those of you who don't) this wrap hack has gone viral and people have been super creative in the ingredients they put in this wrap. We LOVE this trend so much that we decided to make our own breakfast wraps and share with it with you guys! 

If you've seen this hack before, you know it's fun and easy, and if you haven't: welcome to the wrap hack that will blow your mind! 

First things first: Ingredients

You can do whatever you like, just know that the wrap will be sectioned into 4 parts (a part in each corner). We went with two different style wraps - which is why we have many ingredients in the picture above. 

I used my handy dandy pizza cutter to slice the wrap from the center down (do not slice the whole half!) 

Here is a better image.

Place each ingredient in a corner- from the bottom left to the bottom right- in this wrap I have a sauteed onion, pepper, mushroom and spinach medley, scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese and ham.

I placed the cheese on the top right corner on purpose so the cheese is in the middle of the wrap and it doesn't drip off (but you can place any ingredient wherever you prefer)

Next step is to start from the bottom left of the wrap and fold it around until you get to the bottom right piece. 

A better picture of me folding the wrap from the top left corner to the to the top right corner.

Reminder, I am making two different types of wrap this is why this wrap contains feta cheese and tomatoes on this side.

After you finish folding it, it will look like this: a cone.

I made this wrap quite gigantic and stuffed it good and still held well. 

The wraps are now in the panini presser (the best part)

And tadaaaaa!!! Perfect little cones, easy to grab, eat and enjoy all of the ingredients together!

And these are the two different types of wraps I made,

Which one would you choose?

Also Here's the video! If you have TikTok give us a follow! We post a video weekly!


Hope you found this recipe to be easy! Please comment below on your thoughts, ideas or eve how you make yours! 

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