Let's Go to Terhune!

Our first farm pick will be Terhune Orchards! Located in Princeton, NJ this farm is open all year long. According to their website, they operate 200 acres and farm over 45 types of crops and are certified organic vegetable production.

A winery, a farm stand, sunflower picking, apple picking, pumpkin picking as well as pickings of many fresh fruits and vegetables such as blueberries and strawberries and farm animals! This farm has it all. Did I mention they're open all year long? It's honestly worth the trip if you're not from that area.

Entering the farm store, you might have to wait in line as they have restrictions on the amount of people who are in the store, but they do have hand washing stations by the line and they highly encourage you to wash your hands before entering the store. You also have to be wearing a mask in the store.

When you are in the store, it is very clear what produce is Certified organic and what are not from the green colored tag. The shelves were filled with jellies, jams, dressings and many other homemade goodies. They also had 2 tables: one for different kinds of homemade pies, and the other filled with with apple cider donut bags. We got a bag of apple cider donuts (for sure) and they were absolutely phenomenal! We've also never had their pies but their pot pies are very popular nd highly recommended as well!

We also loved the animals! It truly is a fun family friendly farm as you can bring your kids and have a fun day with them here. They had goats, a sheep, chicken a pony and a bunch of other animals. It was nice to see families enjoying the farm especially the children.

Overall, I definitely recommend you head over there if you haven't done so! We will be visiting this farm quite often as it is open all year round and unfortunately winter is coming and farms will be closed around November. So do yourself a favor this fall, go out to Terhune take your family try to enjoy your fall season (all while being socially distant and comply to the rules and regulations of the farm). They are selling tickets online and tickets MUST be purchased before visiting the farm, please check their website (linked below). I do recommend giving them a call first to make sure they are not at max capacity, and visit their website to learn more about them! We have many beautiful farms in New Jersey so be sure to go out there and support your local farmers!

Website:  https://www.terhuneorchards.com