Sunflower Heaven at Holland Ridge Farms!

I don't know about you but sunflowers fascinate me. Something about a big beautiful happy sun looking flower that makes such a beautiful scenery. And if you're like me, you've been probably wondering where's a great spot to go and take pictures of beautiful fields of sunflowers. I'm here with great news, Holland Ridge Farms is exactly what you're looking for.

Located in Cream Ridge NJ , we discovered this farm last year for their annual tulip festival- yes i said Tulip festival, which we will be visiting this year and writing a blog about it as well- and apparently they have a land full of sunflowers in the fall! 

Due to Covid-19, you must purchase your tickets online to enter. Tickets for adults are $12.00 and you can either print them or pull them up on your phone. Masks are required to enter and you must wear your mask if you can't keep a 6 feet distance from others. It was slightly busy when we went, however it wasn't busy enough that you can't be alone the majority of the sections in the fields.

They have many activities and sites to see besides the flowers, many rustic farm like buildings you can enter and explore such as "museum", "movie theater" which is a room that broadcasts a movie - we unfortunately didn't know what was playing at the time- with stacks of hay to sit on, they have a bakery building where you can enter and grab delicious bakery treats, and the "souvenir building" which is the first place you see when you enter but it is technically the last place to visit considering it's where you pay for the flowers you pick and you can buy tulip bulbs in boxes to plant now for the spring!

They also had a food truck festival, with choices such as main lobster, Thai, empanadas, and pretzel twisted steaks truck. They also had horse rides for the kids in that area. It truly is a family friendly experience where you can spend all day with your kids enjoying the sunflower views and grabbing a bite to eat when you're hungry.

They do have different kinds of flowers as well that you can choose from. The white tents in he fields provide you with giant scissors and buckets to cut and purchase the flowers. It was $1.00 a flower and don't feel bad for cutting them because they will be gone soon enough so might as well taken them home and cherish them in my opinion.

For those who are going strictly for pictures, they have the cutest picture frame displays in the beginning of the sunflower fields, in which you can take such a fabulous photo for your social media feed! Also, forgot to mention that they have MULTIPLE sunflower fields, which is nice because you don't have to wait to take pictures, you can just find your own spot with your friends and keeping a social distance. 

They also have farm animals! Extra bonus for family friendly environment. 


I definitely recommend going there because if you're like me and you've been looking for the most beautiful sunflower display, this place is it! Season does end soon, I would definitely call to make sure they still have sunflowers for the season (if you read this article in 2 weeks). You can comment about your experience if you go/have ever went, we'd love to hear about it in our comments section below! 



Address: 86 Rues Rd, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514